• Audi plans to go solar-powered by installing solar panels on factory roofs

  • solar_panel_on_audi_fctory_roof.jpg
    Auto manufacturing factories are usually massive and cover huge spaces compromising several levels and floors due to the assembly lines and heavy machinery they house. This leads to an equally large roof that usually goes unused. The German auto manufacturing giant Audi however, decided to use the roof of their factory in Ingolstadt, Germany to
    generate electricity. Audi have resolved to use 124,861 square feet of roof space to soak in energy from the sun by installing using solar panels. The roofs of the parking garage, the tool making shed and one additional building will play host to photovoltaic cells that will soon be installed by Green City Energy based in Munich. These solar modules are expected to generate about 1,000 MWh of energy every year. Audi also plans to clean up its act by opting for use of solar energy at its second largest facility, the Neckarsulm campus where about 355,209 square feet of roof space is available for installation of solar modules. How efficiently will Audi reap the benefits of the sun? We wait and watch!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 17, 2009