• Audi and LichtBlick offering customers in Germany green electricity – Audi energy

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    As an accompaniment to the market launch of the A3 e tron, Audi is offering customers in Germany green electricity – Audi energy. With Audi energy, the A3 e tron is totally emission-free when operated electrically. The power all comes from renewable energy sources and is generated exclusively at hydro-electric power stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Audi A3 e‑tron can be recharged when parked at your home with Audi energy. At the same time, the entire household is supplied with eco-friendly electric power.

    Audi energy is currently available for a basic monthly fee of EUR 8.95 and 26.76 cents per kilowatt-hour. With LichtBlick Audi has chosen one of the largest independent energy providers in Germany as its partner. The company is the market leader for green electricity and has already received numerous awards for its products, its price-performance ratio and its good service. LichtBlick protects one square meter (10.76 square feet) of rainforest in Ecuador per customer per month

    Fuel consumption of Audi A3 Sportback e-tron:

    Fuel consumption, combined in l/100 km: 1.5 ((156.81 US mpg) ;

    CO2 emissions, combined in g/km: 35 (56.33 g/mile

    [Via – Lichtblick]

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