• Audi goes digital by eliminating paper brochure use at auto shows

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    Audi is serious with its green dreams, and as part of cleaning up its act, the German automaker will now provide auto show attendees with digital brochures instead of the paper one’s we’ve been seeing all along. Hoping to reduce its impact on the environment and saving a load of trees from doom, Audi has teamed up with Digital Collateral too. So, if in future you end up falling in love with a certain car, you might not carry home a paper brochure. Instead, all you’ll have to take home is a camera-phone picture of you and that set of wheels. Auto shows will have a greener touch to them with reduction in paper use if other automakers follow in Audi’s footsteps.

    This will keep quite a few trees from meeting the axe. Paper recycling programs could be hooked on to, for an added environmental save at auto shows!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 26, 2011