• ATX 8080 electric scooter can pull of a cool 80 kmph

  • ATX-8080-electric-scooter-10
    Austin Electric Powersports in partnership with KLD Energy Technologies have constructed an emission-free bike that’s quite a good-looker and a cool performer as well. The ATX 8080 enters the ring with the credentials of an 80 km range and an 80 kmph top speed. A weather electric motor powers up the bike by combining propulsion and a generating system. There are no gears, filters or belts, thus the hassles of maintaining your typical rugged bike is minimized to a ‘nil’. Another aspect is the safety that the bike offers with wide tires and a low center of gravity that ensures riders are on their bikes and not on the asphalt, after a sharp turn. The battery that powers this beast is Samsung’s latest and directly plugs into a wall socket. It is fully charged in a maximum of five hours.

    The project was put up on Kickstarter. It seems to be a truly viable solution for city dwellers who are out of parking spaces and tired of the pollution that each new set of wheels adds to the streets.


    [Via – Designboom]

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