• Asia Pacific to have at least 1.4 million electric cars by the year 2015

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    With a quickly growing population and equally quick to grow economy, the Asia Pacific region has been experiencing a rapid growth in the automobile sector, with more people choosing to drive their own cars these days. That’s not all; the auto industry is wisely taking a turn for a greener horizon, with an outflow of EVs. According to estimates, the Asia Pacific region will play home to an astounding 1.4 million electric cars purring around by the year 2015, and with the rate at which technology is developing, we don’t need Nostradamus to predict that! To power these up, 2.6 million charging points are predicted to sprout up.

    Amazing and hopefully true, these estimates sure make us grin thinking about just how green cities streets in future will be as compared to the state they’re in today, with gas guzzlers puffing around all that Co2.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 22, 2010