• Ankida – The futuristic wind-powered yacht

  • Ankida-1.jpg
    The unique feature of the ‘Ankida’ yacht designed by Lila-Lou is that it is wind powered. In Ankida, there is a natural integration of the mast, sail and keel configuration with the hull thus moving away from a traditional centre-alignment. The vessel is made in the bow-like arrangement thereby allowing the forces generated by the rig to work efficiently for propulsion. Any modern sailing yacht of Ankidas size will rely deeply on automated mechanism. But in the case of Ankida, a magnetically levitated turbine has been accommodated at the top between the masts that supplies power for the propulsion to take place.

    The designers claim that taking a different path than the conventional sailing technique, Ankida’s sail arrangement is quite flexible and can be applied with any modern software and advanced mechanics. It can be configured in almost any wind conditions to give out maximum efficiency.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 26, 2009