• An electric car with seats of hemp, the Kestrel by Motive

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    Doing drugs bad, since it directly ruins your health and indirectly the environment and shortens the life line of both. Well, cannabis usually ends up being smoked around the world. Some folks use it to make cars instead. Amazing, isn’t it? Read on. The Kestrel, a car that will show up at the EV 2010 VE Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver, was produced by Motive, a company that uses advanced materials in car manufacturing. The four seats of the car had their bodies made of impact resistant bio composite material produced from fibers of the cannabis or hemp plant. This tactic sure helps decrease the weight of the car, hence increasing its efficiency by substantial amounts.

    Instead of the usual fibers used in composites, hemp works out much better, taken that it’s light weight and easier to find and use. Plus, it keeps all those drug markets sell their wares for a better good!

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