• America’s first hybrid minivan by Chrysler

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    America has just got its first hybrid minivan. Now we all know of the Prius version that Toyota has been calling a minivan, which isn’t really one at all. A true blood hybrid minivan will however, roll out from the Chrysler shed soon! Using the hydraulic hybrid powertrain in Chrysler’s Town & Country minivan Chrysler and the EPA will produce a running demonstration vehicle in 2012 using a hydraulic hybrid system developed in Ann Arbor. The Town & Country will boast a 2.4-liter, inline four-cylinder gasoline engine and a 117 cc engine pump, a 45 cc drive electric motor and a two-speed automatic transmission with hydraulic fluid will be stored in a 14.4-gallon high pressure accumulator that can get up to 5,000 psi, improving fuel economy by up to 35%.

    The Chrysler minivan will give Americans and the world a taste of hybrid, and is sure to have other automakers follow suit.

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