• Ajiro, the bamboo bicycle that grows, literally

  • Ajiro-bamboo-vehicle-1.jpg
    Assembly plants can take a hike. We prefer vehicles grown from ground up! And no, we aren’t dreaming or babbling. The Ajiro bamboo concept bicycle is probably the greenest vehicle we’ve ever come across. First off, it’s a bicycle, meaning that it will always remain a non-polluting way to travel. Designed by Monash University student Alexander Vittouris, this one grows in a preformed mould, without the need to go through extensive manufacturing processes that ultimately pollute the air.

    And the designer Vittouris is busy dreaming about fields, with these bicycles growing in their preformed moulds, creating greener ways for human-kind to travel around.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 22, 2011