• Airbus designs clean and green aircraft with revolutionary designing

  • Airbus.jpgAirbus will have the aviation industry surprised for sure with its new fantastic design for an aircraft, currently only on paper as an artist’s imagination. This beautifully designed aircraft will use some cutting edge technology, and might just be the future of airplanes that will show up in the skies above by the year 2050. With its ultra-long, slim bent-back wings and a U-shaped tail, the plane also boasts a light weight body. The highlighting point of the design though is its eco-efficiency and eco-friendly features, being designed to burn less fuel, produce fewer emissions, and create less noise. Energy sources like solar panels, fuel cells and the aircraft’s own body heat will help power it up.

    That’s not all. Some aircrafts will group up and fly in bird like formations, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. This could also help decrease emissions of greenhouse gases up in the air. A true green high flier, we sure hope the dream Airbus hits the skies soon.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 21, 2010