• AeroVironment’s unmanned aircraft, the GO-1 to fly for a week on hydrogen-liquid fuel

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    The Global Observer, AeroVironment’s unmanned aircraft, will soon do much more than an hour-long, battery-powered flight, and will take to the skies for a whole week, using liquid hydrogen fuel. From Edwards AFB, California, the Global Observer-1 (GO-1) will fly away on a trip sponsored by several U.S. agencies and led by Special Operations Command, staying up at 65,000 ft. for seven days with a payload of 400-lb. on its August 5th flight, the aircraft reached heights of up to 4,000 ft., maneuvering, climbing and performing turns. Researchers also hope for unmanned platforms in future, that will orbit the stratosphere and allow operators to increase endurance of flights.

    Founded by Paul MacCready, the company has produced unmanned geniuses before, like the hand-launched, battery-powered RQ-11 Raven. The company experimented with solar power too, but decided on hydrogen propulsion for the GO instead. Unmanned Arial Vehicles see a greener horizon with the use of hydrogen liquid fuel.

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