• Aebulle is Hyundai’s futuristic electric three-wheeler

  • hyundai-aebulle-concept_1.jpg
    Concept vehicles are employing greener ways to power up these days. Take the Hyundai Aebulle for instance, designed by Shane Baxley, a design student at the Art Center College of Design, CA, that runs on electricity. The vehicle cocoons the driver inside and sports three wheels. It is as mobile and fast as a motorcycle. The front wheels of the Aebulle rest on an independent swing arm that helps lean on corners. The vehicle uses a magnesium frame with the cockpit area made in aluminum oxynitride glass. In-wheel electric motors power up the Aebulle, using lithium ion batteries to store energy.

    The vehicle also features a GPS system, a radio and an information display. Hopefully, a version of the futuristic Hyundai Aebulle for the common man will find its place on the asphalt soon.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 14, 2010