• A trek across America with Sam, a solar powered stroller

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    You’ve got to be driven by an insistent force to follow your heart even at the age of 74. And Bruce Maynard is doing just that! Neither for a cause nor for money but just to demonstrate that he (enjoys and) can walk in spite of not-so-strong knees across the United States. To support his decision is his companion, a solar powered stroller. Christened Sam, it is a solar- and battery-powered contraption that will be his mobile office and campsite on the road. The batteries will feed on sun’s energy to power Sam to hike up the mountains and hills with ease. All this while the dude is intending to work as well. The stroller will cart along his computer and phone which will help him to keep in touch with his company’s customers. A monthly break to fly back home to check on paper work is on cards too.

    Maynard believes that people should do things for themselves and for others from the ground-up, not demand help from the top-down. Accordingly, he plans to find quiet ways to help folks while on the road; perhaps raking someone’s yard, or helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity.
    ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ holds true for Bruce Maynard.

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