• A Solar powered Golf Kart

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    The Hammacher Schlemmer solar powered Golf kart has an array of 72 photovoltaic cells built into the roof that collect solar energy, providing up to 33% more range between recharges than non-solar electric golf carts. The 160-watt array produces up to three amps per hour for its 48-volt rechargeable battery system, providing a range of up to 49 miles i.e. approximately 10 rounds of golf before requiring a full recharge (overnight via its 6′ long AC adapter; 15 hours via its solar array).

    The array also extends the life of the battery system by 60% more than other electric golf carts. Its 5 1/2-hp electric motor and 19-spline rear axle provides a maximum speed of 24 MPH and is powerful enough to enable the cart to climb a 28° incline when fully loaded with two passengers and golf bags, supporting up to 755 lbs. Priced at a modest $8,999.95 its surely going to be a hit among the avid golfers.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 16, 2008