• A journey to the bottom of the earth, powered by biofuels, solar and wind energy!

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    Santa Claus heads off to the North Pole every year and this probably might not be fascinating news to him as it is to us. A Thomson Reuters sponsored team will head off to the South Pole by land this year, with the help of biofuel, and not a bunch of flying reindeer. Riding in the Polar Performance Vehicle, a monster truck minion built by Arctic Trucks, the team will drive all the way to the South Pole and will juice the 4.0-liter V6 with a 340hp roar using an unspecified biofuel mix. The truck won’t rely on biofuel alone. A hybrid, this truck will also make use of solar energy and wind energy to power up the gadgetry the team will carry along, keeping it all juiced up, even when the truck is parked.

    The Thomson Reuters team also hopes to trample the record for travelling to the South Pole by land, two days, 21 hours and 21 minutes. If all goes well, maybe next year they could pay the happy old man up North a visit! We wish this team a successful and green journey to the land of ice.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 8, 2011