• A greener way to fly, the Taurus Electro G2 electric glider

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    Here’s a greener way to take to the skies, an electric glider! The two-seat self-launching second generation glider Taurus Electro G2 has hit assembly lines and will soon be on the market. The Taurus Electro by Pipistrel combines performance, safety, and functionality and user friendliness and also outperforms its gasoline powered counterparts! Using the emission-free Pipistrel’s 40kW electric power-train, this one peaks at 40kW at take off and continues ascending at 30kW. Using a power inverter for controls and cockpit ESYS-MAN instruments, the Taurus requires shorter runways for take-off.

    Flying has never been this green before. The Taurus Electro G2 makes sure it leaves behind no trail of dirty carbon emissions.
    [EV world]

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