• A green sports car designed for Bentley, the TEN11

  • bentley-ten11-1.jpg
    Well, Bentley has something to look forward to and breathe live into. We’re talking about the TEN11 sports car, being designed for Bentley. Well, using numbers to name a car isn’t really new. This time it’s in sequence though. And it’s inspired by the Bentley logo, which has ten feathers on the left and eleven on the right side. This car has been dreamt to be a green one, with low emissions.

    Using four electric hub motors, each located in a wheel, the car uses a lightweight body structure, ecological materials, and low CDF, pulling down emissions. Well, the logo inspires the name, though the designing is inspired by kite boarding. This one designed by Miika Heikkinen somewhat reminds one of those luxury sports cars in Speed Racer.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 20, 2010