• A Bioracer from Precer that is powered by Wood Pellets

  • precer-bioracer-1.jpg
    Who said you can use biomass just to cook food? There are some very brainy people in the world that can make biomass cooler too. The Precer Group from Sweden has created a Bioracer concept, a sportier version of the ATV. The racer’s 16HP electric motor can run for up to 3-hours when fully charged.

    To charge up the vehicle you need a 24 to 96 volt, 100 to 400 amp-hour battery packs, based on its configuration using a Stirling engine that can be powered by burning wood pellets. Between 3 to 6 pounds of burned wood pellets can help your vehicle cover as many as 10 driving miles.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 14, 2010