• 24/7 City Pedelec – An eco-friendly bike for a smooth urban ride

  • 24-7_CityPedelec_1.jpg
    Pedaling your way around the town or city is considered to be the most eco-friendly and health-friendly option of commuting. No doubt about that. However Philipp Guenther intends to pep this two-wheeled ride with more comfort and style too. And the result is 24/7 City Pedelec. It is designed to be a temporary vehicle for transit commuters and tourists in urban areas. A supportive hybrid motor (Bionx) helps to relax the otherwise effortful pedaling. Also boosting the concept of bike sharing traveling, this bike is fitted with an integrated RFID chip. Such a user-friendly RFID technology also makes payment and customization easier. Shaped out of eco-friendly thixomoulding technology, the process will help to roll out a lightweight magnesium structure. Also it earns more green brownie points as the magnesium parts are also 100%-recycleable.

    Spontaneous usage will be possible at any time via RFID chip card. Rental stations can be located at all important transit and consumption places, which will make the system very attractive for short trips. Ideally designed for the special requirements of daily heavy duty and multiple users, the automatic seatpost will offer good usability. The individual saddle height of a users last ride will be saved and automatically adjusted on his next ride. Also all the problematic components like chains, shifting gears and breaks are replaced by encapsuled, trendsetting technology (cardan drive, centrifugal gear unit, hydraulic brakes).
    Thanks Philipp Guenther.