• 2011 Honda Native Concept is a color changing car powered by H2O

  • 2011-Honda-Native-Concept-1.jpg
    “Oh look! The neighbor got a red car! Damn, I hate my black one!” How many times before have you had that thought strike you before? We’re pretty sure it’s a common phenomenon. Here’s a car that takes its aesthetics advancements to a never heard of or thought of before level. By Honda, the Native 2011 Concept car has a color changing exterior! So you can have your car match your shirt color everyday. Besides that, it carries a load of green too, with the insides powered completely by H2O. By artist Liviu Tudoran, the car packs in flying wheels, a talking engine, a light body and photo-chromic technology for the color change. Using high voltage lithium ion batteries, the car uses OLED technology with the interiors made of light aluminum.

    A sweet idea indeed, we just hope this one really hits the road, and is a lot more than just a concept design.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 24, 2011