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    San Diego Zoo goes green; offers solar-powered EV-charging for visitors

    Posted on by gavril

    The San Diego Zoo will now make use of clean and green energy to the fullest, teaming up with Smart City San Diego to install a full-fledged solar photovoltaic canopy that in turn will juice EVs in the parking lot. … Continue reading3

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    The $11 million solar canopy for the Cincinnati Zoo

    Posted on by gavril

    Besides the exotic wildlife that usually takes a visitor’s breath away, the Cincinnati Zoo now has yet another “exhibit” of sorts that’ll leave guests marveling and awestruck. One of the largest public urban solar displays in the country, the zoo … Continue reading3

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    The ‘Heart of Africa’ – A green tropical territory at Chester Zoo, England

    Posted on by gavril

    The Chester Zoo will now steal Africa’s heart with the construction of its latest attraction, a biodome. Known as the ‘Heart of Africa’, this biodome will probably be the closest you can get to actually being in Africa, in England, … Continue reading3

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