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    Plug-in Zero Emission Electric Propulsion Ship will sail without any carbon footprint

    Posted on by deepa

    We’ve seen various solar powered water vessels like the Auriga Leader ship, the Loon boat and PlanetSolar, the world’s largest solar catamaran. But today, its a battery powered plug-in ship that is making waves in the green world of water … Continue reading3

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    David Murray makes his own ‘Green Car’

    Posted on by shvveta

    So many of us want to do so much for the environment, but how many of us actually end up doing something for it? David Murray has been one such man from Texas who has built his very own electric … Continue reading3

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    Scotland Launches Largest Hydro Electric Wave Device in the World

    Posted on by madhuri

    Oyster Energy Generator, the world’s largest hydro electric device produces power by pumping high pressure water from the waves into the hydro-electric turbine on the shore and this power is fed into national grid. This device was officially launched in … Continue reading3

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    ‘TaxiBot’ causes zero fuel emission and zero noise pollution

    Posted on by shvveta

    Airplanes consume the maximum energy and so the fuel emission from the planes is also the maximum. Taxing to and from the airport terminal gate and runway is a major source of CO2 emissions. Ricardo has engineered a unique arrangement … Continue reading3

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    Classic Austrian Motorboat Frauscher Goes Green

    Posted on by madhuri

    It is difficult to make transition from old technology to new greener alternatives without compromising on good old classic designs. Classic Austrian Motorboat Company has launched four new green Frauscher models which use hybrid propulsion system and this has not … Continue reading3

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    Vision Industries` Zero Emission Tyrano Semi Truck produces zero greenhouse gases

    Posted on by Shruti Shree

    Vision Industries Corporation has recently come up with the zero emission, plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell hybrid, Tyrano Semi truck. The Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced the Tyrano to the people of California in Sacramento, on the 20th of this month. This … Continue reading3

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    Renault Picnic zero-emission car for urban landscapes

    Posted on by shilpa

    Renault has come up with the design of a zero-emission concept car that is ideal for picnic gatherings. The company plans to make it like an urban furniture where people can sit around and have fun, enjoying the nature and … Continue reading3

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    Almeisan Tower Design is Triple Zero at Zero Emissions, Energy requirements and wastage

    Posted on by anoop

    Almeisan is the Arabic name for one of the brightest stars in the sky, located in the constellation Gemini; its name derives from Al Maisan, or “the shining one”. The Almeisan Tower combines a delicate, soaring structure with a 600kW … Continue reading3

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    Recharge Mower- An eco-friendly way to mow your lawn

    Posted on by monali

    Now you can mow your lawn without coughing up or waking up your neighbors. The Recharge Mower is a rechargeable electric ride mover that makes 50% less sound and has no emission unlike conventional mowers. It can be charged using … Continue reading3

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    Hilless: A zero-emission electric scooter from Leo Motors

    Posted on by deepa

    Leo Motors, a pioneer in Electric Vehicles has geared up to showcase its collection at the ongoing San Diego County Fair, California. And their latest electric motorcycle steered Greenlaunches towards them. Dubbed Hilless, this eco-friendly two-wheeler is designed for zipping … Continue reading3

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