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    Sanyo batteries to power up Yokohama’s EV at the Pikes Peak race this year

    Posted on by gavril

    The Yokohama Electric Vehicle has something new nestled in its belly this Pikes Peak race and is all set to zip around the racetrack. We’ve seen electric cars race before, showing of their efficiency and awesomeness. Well, this is one … Continue reading3

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    Better Place unveils first solar-powered electric vehicle battery switching station

    Posted on by anoop

    Better Place will demonstrate key elements of their battery switching station technology. This will be the first public exhibition of their battery station. The company has been invited by the Japanese Ministry of Environment to set up an exhibit in … Continue reading3

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    Eco-friendly Yokohama Tires race up with a dose of orange oil

    Posted on by deepa

    As plenty of eco-friendly vehicles are slated to crowd up the lanes of the future, a tire company is working on wheeling out eco-friendly tires to complement them. Renowned for developing superior quality street as well racing tires, Yokohama Tire … Continue reading3

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