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    Yahoo proudly unveils energy-efficient data center in New York

    Posted on by gavril

    A while ago, we heard of Yahoo’s plans to open up a few energy-efficient and green data centers. Well things sure have seemed to have gone as planned for the yodelers this time, as the company finally adding the finishing … Continue reading3

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    Yahoo!’s new data center powered by Niagara Falls

    Posted on by deepa

    On the first day of this month we mentioned about Yahoo’s green data center that cools with outside air. Today Yahoo is back on Greenlaunches with more green about the same. Yahoo! has announced plans of one of the greenest, … Continue reading3

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    New Yahoo data center goes green and cools with outside air

    Posted on by anoop

    Yahoo’s plans for a new redesigning of its data center will help the company achieve carbon neutral status without resorting to purchasing carbon offsets. The forthcoming data center lets outside air cool the servers all the time. This idea is … Continue reading3

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