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    Formula zero technique promises a green future for superyachts

    Posted on by ayush

    According to studies conducted by leading shipbuilders emission of GHG (Greenhouse gases) can be reduced drastically if they stick to certain norms while building ships. These include making the design more aerodynamic, using power sailing regeneration technique, using fully rotational … Continue reading3

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    World first hydrogen powered yacht prepares for Mediterranean research trip

    Posted on by shilpa

    This is another one of them green yachts. But this is the first hydrogen powered yacht with a fully integrated laboratory to study pollution in the Mediterranean. The Zero CO2 project can sail using a clean carbon-free auxiliary motor. A … Continue reading3

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    World’s biggest solar powered ship circumnavigation

    Posted on by shilpa

    France’s PlanetSolar is planning to design the biggest solar run ship in the world. The solar-powered catamaran or a multi-hulled ship is on the drawing board of a project taken by PlanetSolar using Autodesk’s digital prototyping technology. The ship will … Continue reading3

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    Eco-friendly Arcadia yachts sails with a solar roof

    Posted on by shilpa

    The Mediterranean Sea based Arcadia Yachts is an eco-friendly yacht which requires low powered engines, solar panels to recharge batteries to power the hybrid propulsion system and provides speed up to 8 knots in silence. It also requires lower building … Continue reading3

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