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    The energy efficient RavenWindow changes tint level according to temperature

    Posted on by gavril

    Now here’s something we’ve never really seen or thought of before, temperature adapting windows. The RavenWindow is an answer to energy efficiency in the United States where buildings consume approximately 39% of the country’s energy and 68% of its electricity. … Continue reading3

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    The Empire State Building to use insulated windows to keep the heat out and save up on energy costs

    Posted on by editor

    You probably have heard of the tallest building in New York going green. The Empire State Building, with a $500 million renovation, will stand tall with a newly found pride and soon loom greener in the New York skyline. To … Continue reading3

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    Energy-efficient windows change color like self-adjusting sunglasses

    Posted on by gavril

    Energy efficient windows that work like sun-glasses for our buildings could be the next step to saving energy consumption in the future. These energy efficient windows are currently under the chisel and hammer and are being developed at the National … Continue reading3

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    VentroVentilato system to turn windows to ACs

    Posted on by shilpa

    This is a cool design – you can opt to have a breezy window during the clearer days or else shut it up and switch on the AC unit during summers. Italian company VentroVentilato has come up with this excellent … Continue reading3

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    World’s first power generating glass window opens up to greener horizons

    Posted on by deepa

    Roll up the solar powered blinds to expose the photovoltaic glass window! Watch out for such solar windows at Hollywood and Las Vegas as Rainbow Solar, the company behind these green windows is already working on integrating them in signature … Continue reading3

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