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    Spanish streetlights will be fully powered by wind and sun

    Posted on by Shruti Shree

    Spain will be one of the first countries in the world to have public streetlights that are powered by wind and the sun. It took four years for the Spanish researcher Ramon Bargalló to design this independent street light system … Continue reading3

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    Japanese firm designs wind and solar-powered traffic signals

    Posted on by gavril

    Alternative energy has several uses, from powering up greener modes of transportation to lighting up homes. A Japanese firm called Taisei Techno America recently gave solar and wind energy yet another application, lighting up traffic signals! These eco-friendly traffic signals … Continue reading3

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    Wind Powered Battery Storage Pilots in Texas

    Posted on by iona

    Duke Energy Renewables has developed a way of saving extra power generated by batteries at its Notrees Windpower Project in Texas. The $44 million battery-storage system holds excess energy from the 153-megawatt Notrees farm and releases it when power supplies … Continue reading3

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    Catching Wind Power turbine helps protect birds from accidental deaths

    Posted on by gavril

    Wind-energy turbines might’ve proved a boon to city grids, powering up homes with green and renewable energy. However, the pleasantness of the situation doesn’t extend to our feathered friends, who often run into these huge fan-like machines and are killed. … Continue reading3

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    Big blade wind turbine, the Britannia to generate 10 megawatt in Britain

    Posted on by gavril

    Intimidating though this may sound, future wind turbines could have blades larger than the London Eye itself. And this isn’t a way to scare the neighborhood. An increased blade size on wind turbines increases efficiency, resulting in a maximized power … Continue reading3

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    Large Wind Farm of 203MW Capacity Comes Up in Utah

    Posted on by madhuri

    Modern world is exploring renewable energy options desperately and the effort is paying off. First Wind’s Milford Wind Corridor project completed its first phase of large wind farm project in Utah. With a capacity of 203.5 MW, this wind farm … Continue reading3

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    Oogst Eco friendly vertical amusement park

    Posted on by mohsin

    Oogst which means harvest is an agricultural amusement park that makes farming fun by giving visitors the opportunity to take part in a self-sustaining vertical farm. The towering eco community houses a restaurant, a wind-powered amusement park, a farm that … Continue reading3

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    Power House Green kit for children

    Posted on by shilpa

    To inspire people to get used to a good habit, the best way is to instill them the habit at a very early age. This is how something as intelligent as a Power House Green Essentials Edition comes to use. … Continue reading3

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    British Richard Jenkin’s Greenbird wind-powered craft breaks record

    Posted on by shilpa

    When one man in the United States broke all odds and raced against wind to set a record of 116mph in his Iron Duck Vehicle ten years ago, another fellow across the sea in UK stood interested. Now, he has … Continue reading3

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