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    Catching Wind Power turbine helps protect birds from accidental deaths

    Posted on by gavril

    Wind-energy turbines might’ve proved a boon to city grids, powering up homes with green and renewable energy. However, the pleasantness of the situation doesn’t extend to our feathered friends, who often run into these huge fan-like machines and are killed. … Continue reading3

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    Streetlamp powered by the sun, wind and biochemicals

    Posted on by gavril

    We’re hoping for a world powered by renewable energy by the year 2020. And for that, a load of changes will need to be brought about, with energy saving methods being employed everywhere. Here’s a streetlamp that could just be … Continue reading3

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    Hamburg’s hydrogen powered bus fleet uses wind to produce hydrogen

    Posted on by gavril

    You may have come across hydrogen-powered hybrid buses like the Mercedes-Benz Citaro before. Well, the Hamburg hydrogen bus fleet is sure going to kick up a storm with its hydrogen-powered buses, powered by the wind. Though difficult to produce, transport … Continue reading3

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    Chicago to get a wind powered electric charging station

    Posted on by shvveta

    Almost a year ago, Chicago was the proud resident of its first ever solar powered EV charging station. But this time around, they have gone a step further and developed a charging station that uses wind energy. That sure is … Continue reading3

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    Febot feeds on wind to energize the batteries on the go

    Posted on by deepa

    The first thing that most of us put in our baggage while packing for a holiday is a rechargeable battery charger. And if you have kids along then this one is a must as most of the toys run on … Continue reading3

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    Power of wind wipes out darkness with Firewinder

    Posted on by deepa

    This Christmas, light up the pathway to your eco-den with the latest wind powered out-door light. Designed by Tom Lawton, Firewinder not only makes use of alternative wind energy to light up the dark times but also turns clockwise to … Continue reading3

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