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    Wal-Mart fined $110 million for violating dumping laws

    Posted on by gavril

    Retail giant Wal-Mart has been pulled up yet again and has found itself in troubled waters with the Los Angeles and San Francisco municipalities. The company was recently slapped with a total of $110 million US federal and state fines … Continue reading3

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    Wal-Mart might have stores built from recycled materials

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve heard of Wal-Mart’s efforts to go green with solar panels before at Apple Valley. The retail giants have done it again, this time with recyclable stores! Now we aren’t talking about PET made stores or Wal-Marts mad from cardboard. … Continue reading3

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    Wal-Mart’s Apple Valley distribution center goes solar powered with its 5,300 solar panels

    Posted on by gavril

    The big shot in supermarkets and hypermarkets, Wal-Mart has now shown the world that it loves and cares for the environment too. The retail company can now boast of its largest solar panel array that has been set up at … Continue reading3

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    Walmart in Apple Valley will get powered by solar panels

    Posted on by shvveta

    Walmarts next project is a massive seven-acre field of solar panels in Apple Valley that will provide power to the food distribution center there. This is just a part of their long term goal to power the Walmart stores with … Continue reading3

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