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    Unwanted human fat turns into most-wanted fuel to power vehicles

    Posted on by deepa

    ‘One man’s junk is other man’s treasure’ Excuse me for repeating this adage again, but I couldn’t describe this news any better. However re-read it as one man’s fat is other man’s fuel and it will make more sense. Most … Continue reading3

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    Update- SolarTaxi’s green voyage comes to an end

    Posted on by deepa

    Last month SolarTaxi was on our blog as Louis Palmer was in process of materializing his dream of traveling across the globe in a solar powered vehicle. And now after 52,000 km trip around the world, this desire is fulfilled … Continue reading3

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    Solar powered vehicle set a world record for distance traveled

    Posted on by deepa

    Just a few days back we mentioned about the Solartaxi that is on its way around the world to set a record. Though Palmer is still driving towards his mission, Marcelo da Luz has realized his green dream by setting … Continue reading3

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    Around the world in the Solar Taxi to leave eco footprints

    Posted on by deepa

    Most people excuse themselves from their responsibility towards our planet by believing that one person’s deed cannot change the world. I am annoyed by such a callous attitude and certainly believe in Mother Theresa’s words – “We ourselves feel that … Continue reading3

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    Made-in-China electric cars to zoom off on the streets of Canada

    Posted on by deepa

    Following closely in heels of the post of the F3DM car made specifically by China for China only, today it is time to know that Canadians too can drive electric cars flaunting the made-in-China tag. Changan Automobile has teamed up … Continue reading3

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    Volkswagen unveils CC Eco Performance Concept for a green drive

    Posted on by deepa

    Volkswagen is synonymous to luxury but this time the company is flaunting the ‘Eco’ tag too along with that. Sporting a glossy grey body trimmed with black chrome for the elegant touch, the Performance CC features an upgraded green engine, … Continue reading3

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    F3DM plug-in hybrid car will soon hit the roads of China

    Posted on by deepa

    Another ‘Made-in-China’ product hits the shelves but this time it’s only for China. Since products labeled with this tag are recently facing a lot of criticism, this one too may face similar welcome in other countries. We are talking about … Continue reading3

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