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    SunPower begins work on 13.78MW solar PV power plant for US Navy

    Posted on by gavril

    The US Navy just turned a shade greener as work on a new 13.78MW solar PV power system by SunPower was recently begun at the naval air weapons station at China Lake in California. The plant will make use of … Continue reading3

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    Recycle retired Navy vessels instead of having them sunk

    Posted on by gavril

    Its time for the Navy to bid a goodbye and farewell to its old-time retired vessels that will soon be put to rest. One of these is the ex-USS Forrestal aircraft carrier on which Senator John McCain served in Vietnam … Continue reading3

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    Navy goes green, unveils first algae fuel-powered vessel

    Posted on by gavril

    The navy has finally decided to go green and keep the waters blue, turning to new eco-friendly equipment. The first of many more to follow suit, the navy has unveiled a green eco-friendly vessel powered by algae fuel. Nicknamed the … Continue reading3

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    The Navy’s Green Hornet bio-fuel powered supersonic jet

    Posted on by gavril

    The Green Hornet Navy F/A-18 jet will zip through the air on Earth Day, leaving a trail of green ideas for the aviation industry to grab at. This twin-engine tactical aircraft will use bio-fuel on its flight tomorrow. 50% of … Continue reading3

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    Thermal water currents can be used to power a ship’s engine

    Posted on by ayush

    We have always known that indefinite motion is a physical impossibility but the US Navy and NASA’s Jet Propulsion lab have set out to prove that belief wrong. They have designed an ingenious propulsion motor that could power itself and … Continue reading3

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