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    With its experience in safely operating subway line -Tokyo Metro to cultivate safe-to-eat vegetables under tracks

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    When Remi Takahara joined Tokyo Metro, she never expected to end up growing vegetables for the subway operator. But that has emerged as a new business venture for the company to cash in on underneath elevated railway track in Japan’s … Continue reading3

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    The World’s Least CO2-emitting building is constructed by Shimizu Corporation

    Posted on by shubha

    The recent calamity and energy crisis has been a blessing in disguise for many of Japan’s technology-oriented companies. Not that they made money out of it, but the setback has pushed them to develop and innovate new energy-efficient infrastructure. Shimizu … Continue reading3

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    Tokyo’s Sakura Shinmachi Station now plays host to solar powered motor-assisted bicycle stand

    Posted on by gavril

    Tokyo can now proudly flaunt its own solar powered motor-assisted bicycle stand! The newly opened station near Sakura Shinmachi Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line is the second of its type in the locality. The first one opened up sometime … Continue reading3

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    Tokyo’s Pasona O2 Urban Farm in office helps to reduce CO2 emissions significantly

    Posted on by gavril

    A rice paddy inside an office is sure to grab a whole lot of attention, which is exactly what happened at the Pasona O2 office a few years ago. The recruitment firm has now mowed to a new location at … Continue reading3

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    Tokyo to build a solar powered stadium for the 2016 Olympics

    Posted on by deepa

    Solar powered dragon-shaped World Games Stadium in Taiwan has been in green limelight for some time now. However it’s time to shift attention to the Tokyo Olympic stadium that claims to be first the completely solar powered stadium when it … Continue reading3

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    Floors that can harness human power being tested in Tokyo

    Posted on by anoop

    This is totally new way of energy creation by harnessing human power in everyday movement and could be the future solution of solving energy problems. Placed outside of Shibuya station, the tiles invite passer-by to step, jump and also walk … Continue reading3

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    Tokyo prepares for a green Olympics 2016

    Posted on by shilpa

    Everyone’s suddenly becoming really serious about the environment and global warming, it seems – which is a good thing. Tokyo, one of the contenders along with Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, is a top choice to host the 2016 … Continue reading3

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    Power generating mat at Japan’s station brings the green energy to light

    Posted on by deepa

    Human powered energy isn’t new as we have seen discos and gyms being powered by the energy exuded by people dancing or working out at such places. The latest to be hit by this green trend is Tokyo’s Shibuya station. … Continue reading3

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    Tokyo to impose its own carbon emission standards

    Posted on by yogesh

    Tokyo will target reducing greenhouse gas emission by a total of 25 percent by 2020 from the 2000 level. Shintaro Ishihara, an acclaimed novelist turned politician, is known for his blunt nationalistic remarks including denunciations of other Asian nations. But … Continue reading3

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