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    Korean Researchers Develops Eco-friendly Plastic Production Technology

    Posted on by Staff

    The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology has developed a new technology to produce eco-friendly polyethylene furanoate (PEF) plastic. PEF has been spotlighted as a new bio-alternative to replace PET plastic and is made of glucose, a sugar substance originating … Continue reading3

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    Japan’s plans an electric car based on Sim-Drive technology

    Posted on by gavril

    The year 2013 will see the launch of the newest electric baby from Japan, the Sim-Drive eco-friendly technology and the guys at the Keio University in Tokyo are looking for a suitable car to adopt it. The university will tie … Continue reading3

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    Keep out the cold with heat from underground using Ground Source Heat Pumps!

    Posted on by gavril

    Pumping heat out of the ground, the most recent technological breakthrough, can provide heat to 10 % British homes and 40% of Britain’s commercial buildings by in the next 10 years. The demand and market for Ground Source Heat Pumps … Continue reading3

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    Human Energy Recycling Unit Design Is Geekiest of All Green Ideas!

    Posted on by madhuri

    Depleting natural fuel resources, climate change and other environmental issues have turned everyone’s attention to the different sources of energy. Well, we have already heard about tapping energy from other natural sources like Sun, Wind or even the heat energy … Continue reading3

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    MIT Lab Finds Way to Make Gadgets More Efficient by Tapping Waste Heat energy

    Posted on by madhuri

    Right from power plants to cars to cell phones much of coveted energy tapped from burning fossil fuels gets wasted as heat energy that is released from them all. MIT labs are working to tap this very heat energy and … Continue reading3

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    GoodGuide Launches iPhone App That Scans Green Products

    Posted on by madhuri

    Eco-conscious consumers can now scan products with their iPhone to add green products to their shopping carts. GoodGuide has created a iPhone application which can scan and read bar codes of the various products. It has become so easy, just … Continue reading3

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    Solar Digital Cloud Displaying Images and Data May Loom Large on London Skies!

    Posted on by madhuri

    Artists, designers, engineers and architects have put together a technological artistic wonder which could be a major tourist attraction in the Olympic Park. The Cloud, a digital wonder will consist of huge plastic bubbles on top of 400 ft towers … Continue reading3

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    Mobile internet technology for real time monitoring of noise and air quality

    Posted on by shilpa

    This is an exciting new solution that enables action driven citizens to improve and share environmental best practices. Bluetooth wireless devices will be used in combination with mobile phones for first large scale deployment in Paris. Air pollution is one … Continue reading3

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