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    Hydrodeck pool slat heats swimming pools with solar energy

    Posted on by gavril

    Well, if you could afford a pool in your backyard, we’re pretty sure you could also do with a high tech cover for the pool, to keep the water free from any of those falling autumn leaves or the neighbor’s … Continue reading3

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    The reusable water polo arena designed for the 2012 Olympic Games

    Posted on by gavril

    Water polo at the 2012 Olympic Games will be greener than ever, thanks to all the eco-conscious thought put into building the Water Polo Arena. The 5,000-seat venue can be packed up and moved to places whenever required owing to … Continue reading3

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    A swimming pool converted into a solar powered food-producing-greenhouse

    Posted on by gavril

    This family sure isn’t having any happy times by their pools side. They prefer using it for something green instead! Living in Mesa, Arizona, the family of four has converted an old swimming pool in their backyard into a greenhouse, … Continue reading3

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    Dumpsters recycled into swimming pools for a green dive

    Posted on by deepa

    We have seen containers recycled into eco-friendly offices or homes. But today it’s time to dive into a pool recycled out of a construction dumper. BoingBoing reports that a group called Macro/Sea is modifying these discarded dumpsters into usable swimming … Continue reading3

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