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    Stockholm to make its tallest skyscraper entirely of wood!

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Sweden have led the charge to a sustainable future where organic elements are given priority in the production value chain as well as utility. This is why the country is inspired to create its tallest skyscraper and use only wood … Continue reading3

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    Sweden speeds towards being world’s first fossil fuel-free nation

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Sweden has always been leading the charge of the green revolution with fellow Scandinavian nation, Norway. The country is not all set to comfortably settle in the position of the world’s first nation to be completely driven by renewable energy. … Continue reading3

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    Sweden runs out of trash to feed its incinerators; imports 800,000 tons of garbage!

    Posted on by gavril

    When it comes to putting trash to peace in the best possible way, Sweden deserves a standing ovation. The Nordic country has recently stepped into the spotlight with its energy generation program that uses garbage! The program has in fact … Continue reading3

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    54-floor building in Sweden made from recycled aluminum

    Posted on by gavril

    One of the tallest buildings in Sweden was destined to be green right since its conception, and we’ve just got wind of what it’s like. Designed by architect, sculptor and structural engineer Santiago Calatrava, this spiral-shaped building has changed the … Continue reading3

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    Hybrid bus unveiled in Sweden charges up in 5 minutes using over-head pantographs

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve had quite a few green buses roll by before, showing off their eco-friendly and energy-efficient insides. To join the ranks of buses like those, North Swedish cite, Umea, recently unveiled a hybrid bus with a unique charging system. Inspired … Continue reading3

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    From Sweden to Spain, a trek in Solar Vehicles

    Posted on by shvveta

    We have heard of umpteen solar powered vehicles that so many manufactures have made. But to me, they all seem to be doing this for the business, and not rally because they care for the environment. Maybe that’s why the … Continue reading3

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