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    Nordholmene – A sustainable development on the cost of Copenhagen

    Posted on by kamakshi

    Sustainability has been the most used word for the last few decades now. To make a sustainable environment involves nourishment of the nature apart from the basic supply of necessities and support. And so Danish architects Cobe, in collaboration with … Continue reading3

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    Earthships – Sustainable housing communities made out of recycled materials

    Posted on by gavril

    Houses known as ‘Earthships’, are now springing up all over the United States. These environment friendly homes are made out of recycled materials like cans and tires and also make use of non-pollutingrenewable energy sources. These are basically a community … Continue reading3

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    Inka Curve: Innovative Self Sustained Vertical Solar Micro-farm

    Posted on by madhuri

    If you are an eco freak and are interested in having a small micro-farm to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs etc that too in a sustainable way but don’t have enough space in your backyard then you could get … Continue reading3

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    Concealed Fibre Optics Cables will it Make Easier to Tap Solar Energy in Future

    Posted on by madhuri

    Much research is being conducted to make solar energy more commercially viable for sustainable future. In one research U.S scientists have created underground photovoltaic cells which are connected to fibre optics cable whose exposed ends can tap sunlight or any … Continue reading3

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    Eco Friendly Modular Furniture from Way Basics for True Green Living!

    Posted on by madhuri

    Way Basics have finally come up with a furniture line which is made from recycled paper! This really is a dream come true for urban people with green conscience. Good old wooden furniture or even the modern modular ones are … Continue reading3

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    Dallas will soon have a sustainable urban skyscraper

    Posted on by anoop

    North Carolina based architecture firm Little Diversified Architectural Consulting has conceived an incredible project that will transform a vacant parking lot in Dallas to a completely self-reliant eco-city. The project has been given the name as Entangled Bank. The project … Continue reading3

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    Mod.fab – A sustainable yet stylish abode designed by students

    Posted on by deepa

    If you believe that only renowned architects and interior designers can shape out an exceptional eco-friendly structure then you need to reconsider your view. The beautifully green house that you see in the image above has been designed by a … Continue reading3

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    Eco-Fashion: Step in the Mohop’s eco-friendly footwear to flaunt your green style

    Posted on by deepa

    All the fashionistas can put their foot down in an eco-friendly style with a line of chic, green footwear from Mohop. Women of every age can flaunt their love for fashion as well environment by strapping on these sandals. The … Continue reading3

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