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    Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller protects your child from air pollution

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Taking your kid for a stroll would not necessarily be something you would really be stoked about. Not with the global pollution levels reaching new highs. The Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller is something that resolves the problem of polluted … Continue reading3

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    A trek across America with Sam, a solar powered stroller

    Posted on by deepa

    You’ve got to be driven by an insistent force to follow your heart even at the age of 74. And Bruce Maynard is doing just that! Neither for a cause nor for money but just to demonstrate that he (enjoys … Continue reading3

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    Solar powered stroller for eco-infants

    Posted on by deepa

    A stroller is essential for infants and their parents to push them around the streets with ease. Such an infant accessory doesn’t need any extra frills other than the basic sturdy structure and comfortably padded and secured seat. But designers … Continue reading3

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