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    Energy efficient Global Explorer yacht uses solar panels

    Posted on by gavril

    Sailing the seas isn’t really an eco-friendly affair these days with fossil fuel prices rising out of the roof, even the richest treat travelling the high seas as a not-so-leisurely experience. Dutch design studio Van Geest has now pulled the … Continue reading3

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    Blackfriars Tube station-bridge packs 4,400 solar panels to generate green energy

    Posted on by gavril

    Solar energy is quickly catching on and city planners around the globe have been looking for more eco-friendly infrastructure developments for their respective areas. Now, the Blackfriars Station, being developed in London and crowned as the world’s largest solar bridge, … Continue reading3

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    Abu Dhabi accepts green mosque design sporting solar panels and waste water treatment

    Posted on by gavril

    Abu Dhabi, the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates, could pretty much turn into one of the world’s greenest cities with its continuous overhaul of green. Just recently, the city accepted designer Suhail Mohammed Suleiman’s … Continue reading3

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    Walmart in Apple Valley will get powered by solar panels

    Posted on by shvveta

    Walmarts next project is a massive seven-acre field of solar panels in Apple Valley that will provide power to the food distribution center there. This is just a part of their long term goal to power the Walmart stores with … Continue reading3

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    Solar powered irrigation in Africa

    Posted on by shvveta

    Africa, as we all know is a very under-developed region. Thousands of children are undernourished whereas the employment opportunities are also very meager. With the new concept of solar powered irrigation, the conditions there have become better there. Not only … Continue reading3

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    One Fifty Yacht concept is a catamaran and yet has solar panels

    Posted on by shvveta

    Catamarans have been the latest in the yacht category due to their multihull capacity. Sunreef Yachts has now introduced a different version of the catamaran that the ones in the market currently. ‘One Fifty’-the superstructure is extremely slender in comparison … Continue reading3

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    Portable Solar Battery Charger Is the Latest Green Gadget from China

    Posted on by madhuri

    Chinese geeks seem to have done it; they have designed solar battery charger which is both affordable and portable. It is encased in tough molded clamshell and consists of two large solar panels and built-in rechargeable battery of fairly high … Continue reading3

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    Forwarding Dallas Green Design Wins Competition for Building Eco-Sustainable Community in Dallas

    Posted on by madhuri

    Dallas is going green in a total planned way. Recently a competition was held to redesign a rundown block in downtown Dallas and among all the architects, designers who submitted their plans, Forwarding Dallas, a Portuguese based architectural firm was … Continue reading3

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    Go Solar with Armageddon’s Three Leafed Solar Clover for Rooftops!

    Posted on by madhuri

    Going Solar has been always easier said than done because of many logistics factors apart from its efficiency. They are mainly sheer magnitude and number of solar panels that would be needed to generate enough energy to run a household … Continue reading3

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    Solar Power with Foldable 3D Solar Cells around Optical Fibre Could Be Next Green Revolution!

    Posted on by madhuri

    Solar power is the best green renewable energy option but it is not yet efficient, feasible and viable option for large scale power generation. Solar panels with photovoltaic cells are not very affordable and their dimensions are such huge that … Continue reading3

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