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    Solar Mini Speaker charger, a solar powered speaker that charges your devices

    Posted on by gavril

    Solar powered battery chargers aren’t new, with more and more companies coming up with these handy little solar-energy-sucking devices that keep your devices all pepped up. We’ve stumbled across the Sun Drive USB Charger and the ones by Kodak before. … Continue reading3

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    Don’t just burn calories while sleeping, save the planet too!

    Posted on by shvveta

    The Pillow’s Degree Celsius by Yuan-Hao Hsu gives you everything that you’d ever require for a good night’s sleep. Everything ranging from a massage to heating to having an aroma dispenser, it ensures you do not complain when you wake … Continue reading3

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    Solar ChumAlong charger to face the sun on all sides

    Posted on by shilpa

    Always to improve our life, researchers have again discovered a very useful component to derive solar energy. The Solar ChumAlong charger differs from the conventional charger in just one useful way. It reorients itself according to where the sun shines … Continue reading3

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