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    High-tech OrbSys Shower reduces water usage by 90%

    Posted on by gavril

    Not everyone on this planet we call home has access to fresh water and quite a substantial part of the world’s population has to travel distances for potable water supply. It’s only fair that the privileged few waste less water … Continue reading3

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    Arkema’s solar powered heated shower looks hot too

    Posted on by gavril

    We all love a nice warm shower, but end up wasting a whole load of energy in the bargain to heat it up. Here’s an environment friendly way to enjoy a nice warm bath without the guilt. The brainchild of … Continue reading3

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    The Shower Timer helps save on extra water consumption

    Posted on by gavril

    Water shortages are now taking over our planet day by day. It isn’t unusual now to turn on the tap and have it go dry. David Sharples from the University of South Australia, City West, has the answer to all … Continue reading3

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    With Shower Brake, you save water

    Posted on by shvveta

    Among the many water conserving devices we have today, here is one that pinches you real hard, emotionally. The Shower Brake, designed by Sang-in Lee & Dae hyun Kim comes with a water controller that allows you to use a … Continue reading3

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