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    The world’s oldest ship MV Doulos to be recycled into a hotel

    Posted on by gavril

    The granddaddy of ships, the MV Doulos is destined to be a hotel. A Singaporean businessman, Eric Saw, the director of BizNaz Resources International plans to invest 7.5 million Singapore dollars (5.33 million US dollars) on turning the oldest ship … Continue reading3

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    Berlin City launches city’s first solar-powered passenger ship – SOLON

    Posted on by anoop

    The SOLON, which is Berlin’s first solar-powered passenger ship, was launched by Mayor Klaus Wowereit and it sends a clear signal of supporting the expansion of climate friendly mobility in the water also. SolarWaterWorld AG is the manufacturer and operator … Continue reading3

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    Auriga Leader- The solar powered carrier ship for Toyota

    Posted on by shilpa

    328 solar panels are helping provide 10 per cent of power for the Auriga Leader while it is docked at the Port of Long Beach. The solar array is part of a demonstration project to reduce diesel emissions. This is … Continue reading3

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