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    Recycling robot uses lasers and sensors to distinguish between plastics

    Posted on by gavril

    Now here’s a smart recycling robot that uses its laser eyes to sort plastic. Designed by IDEC, the Photonics Advanced Research Center, and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering, this robot was recently unveiled by Osaka University. Using its laser ‘eyes’ and sensors, … Continue reading3

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    Panasonic develops an ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘sensory’ home

    Posted on by shvveta

    We have often heard of so many solar panels or devices that use solar energy to charge or power a particular gadget or function. But Panasonic has come up with an entire house that is a living energy saver. With … Continue reading3

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    Sensor to measure carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity

    Posted on by shilpa

    We have always read about calculating the carbon footprints in the air and the likes but we have never really understood how. Maybe with this particular batter-powered sensor, K-33 from CO2Meter.com will give us an idea how to. It apparently … Continue reading3

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