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    France makes it mandatory for new rooftops to accommodate plants or solar panels

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    France has just done what pretty much the whole world should. A new law has been passed by the country that makes it necessary for new buildings and establishments to develop rooftops that either have a solar panel on them … Continue reading3

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    Sunergy Brings Solar Power As a regular Utility with PPA and Billing

    Posted on by madhuri

    One of the major drawbacks of solar power apart from efficiency is the one-time expensive investment, installation and maintenance of the solar power plant and this makes it unpopular compared to buying electricity from some utility. But a New Jersey … Continue reading3

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    Milan to get World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array

    Posted on by monali

    Milan, the fashion capital of the world will soon be home to the world’s largest rooftop solar array. This structure will be build for the Milan Trade Center and is reported to stretch across 2.9 million-square-foot. This 18-MW solar array … Continue reading3

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