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    Kowa Tmsuk’s Kobot electric vehicles fold up and make parking easier

    Posted on by gavril

    With space-crunches now turning common-place, and parking spaces slowly being squeezed out of their capacity, owning a larger car isn’t really the smartest way to personal travel. The Kobot electric vehicle concept that we came across recently at the Tokyo … Continue reading3

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    The robotic tree planter loves the environment just as much as you do!

    Posted on by gavril

    Its time the world realizes the need to plant more trees. We’ve just been chopping them up all this while. And there sure doesn’t seem to be a better way to plant trees than sit back, relax, and have your … Continue reading3

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    The Solar Breeze 2.0 robotic pool cleaner uses solar energy to power up

    Posted on by gavril

    Throw away those silly nets and pool-cleaning equipment you’ve got hoarded up in your garage. You probably won’t need them anymore. Instead, grab a seat, some sun tan and a pair of glares and relax with a cool drink on … Continue reading3

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    Robots that build solar cells in just 30 minutes

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve seen robots that help around the kitchen and clean up your home too. Here’s a bunch of them that build solar cells. In just around 30 minutes, the squat multitasking robot can build semiconductors for solar cells on six-inch-square … Continue reading3

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    i-Shovel – The world’s smartest snow shovel feeds on solar energy

    Posted on by deepa

    When the sun didn’t shy much from showering us with its heat in the month of November, we mentioned about the solar powered robotic lawn mower. And these days, when the same sun’s heat isn’t enough to keep us comfortably … Continue reading3

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