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    Re-Wine biodegradable reusable wine cases transform into lamps, tables, chairs and shelves!

    Posted on by gavril

    Using the concept of Reuse and Recycle in a manner never executed before, designer Miniwiz’s Re-Wine design sure takes the cake when it comes to reusable packaging. A biodegradable carrying case for your wine, this cleverly designed contraption turns into … Continue reading3

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    World’s first fully-reusable space launch system planned

    Posted on by gavril

    Rockets and space-bound vehicles today as we know them tend to blow up gallons of fuel on take-off and land or rather fall smoothly back down to earth with the help of parachutes. SpaceX, a private rocket-building company however, has … Continue reading3

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    Largest hand-painted canvas in the world recycled into 5,000 environment-friendly shopping bags

    Posted on by gavril

    Just last week, the people of Lebanon broke the world record for the world’s largest hand-painted canvas, leaving hand-prints on 4,355 square meters of fabric. With the record broken and jotted down in the Guinness Book of World Records, the … Continue reading3

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    The reusable water polo arena designed for the 2012 Olympic Games

    Posted on by gavril

    Water polo at the 2012 Olympic Games will be greener than ever, thanks to all the eco-conscious thought put into building the Water Polo Arena. The 5,000-seat venue can be packed up and moved to places whenever required owing to … Continue reading3

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