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    Puma shoe-boxes go eco-friendly

    Posted on by gavril

    Usually, shoeboxes are either thrown away, or end up being used for science projects or at times for making Formula 1 car models. The next time you buy yourself a pair of Pumas, remember that the shoebox in your hands … Continue reading3

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    Formula 1 car made out of Puma shoe boxes by the Wilson Brothers

    Posted on by gavril

    Have you just got yourself a pair of shoes? Well, don’t throw the packing box away! Use it to build an F1 car instead, just like the one made by the Wilson Brothers! Okay, this car doesn’t really eat up … Continue reading3

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    Puma to launch a new phone with a solar cell

    Posted on by shvveta

    Guess What! Puma is going to be coming up with a branded PUMA PHONE with Sagem. Not much has yet been revealed about the phone but some functional features that it is going to incorporate such as the PUMA Icon … Continue reading3

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