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    Triumph International recycles old bras into power-generating fuel

    Posted on by gavril

    Used bras now have a better purpose than being stolen by perverts or ending up in landfills. Taking note of the concerns of Japanese women who constantly face the embarrassment of perverts picking out their used bras now have their … Continue reading3

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    Downdraft Tower uses wind energy to generate tremendous amounts of renewable energy

    Posted on by gavril

    At first, we thought this one to be the modern rendition of the Biblical Tower of Babel. On a closer look however, this structure turned out to be a wind-harvesting energy generator called the Downdraft Tower. Using vertical currents, influenced … Continue reading3

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    The Colibri Eco Mobile phone generates power every time its buttons are pushed

    Posted on by gavril

    Today, using mobile phones can have an adverse effect on the environment, whether it’s during production, during use, and at the time of disposal. Well, not all phones play the evil one with the environment. Some of them prefer to … Continue reading3

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    Honda’s ENEPO EU9iGB is a portable butane-canister powered generator

    Posted on by gavril

    Honda has come up with a new compact generator. Known as the ENEPO EU9iGB, this generator powers-up using butane-canisters instead of gas-fuel. Moving the generator around is a piece of cake thanks to its compact size, two base wheels and … Continue reading3

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