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    France makes it mandatory for new rooftops to accommodate plants or solar panels

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    France has just done what pretty much the whole world should. A new law has been passed by the country that makes it necessary for new buildings and establishments to develop rooftops that either have a solar panel on them … Continue reading3

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    President Obama’s Climate Action Plan may reduce power plant emissions by 32 pc

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    President Barrack Obama may have well initiated the nation’s most influential and powerful Climate Action Plan. Called the Clean Power Plan, this strategy will most likely enforce reductions of emissions from power plants by at least 32 percent in the … Continue reading3

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    Blum lamp inspired from potted plants uses solar energy to power up

    Posted on by gavril

    Plants have always been a source of inspiration for modern day designers, given the fact that these complex organisms crafted by nature sport more latent technology than we usually understand. Design house OneArtistStudio’s Blum lamp draws heavily from potted plants … Continue reading3

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    Tulipe pot glows red to indicate plants need watering

    Posted on by gavril

    Ever tried growing a potted plant at home that has always wound up dead, due to the unavoidable reason of “not knowing when the little green thing needs watering”? Well, that is now an event of the past, thanks to … Continue reading3

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    The Sprinkned Dress is a dress with real potted plants on it!

    Posted on by shvveta

    Italian designer Linda Schailon has designed something no one would have ever thought of before, I’m quite sure. A dress that has integrated planters, real plants! Called the ‘Sprinkle dress’, she thought of the idea courtesy her childhood fantasies of … Continue reading3

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    Terraviva Domestic Composter turns kitchen waste to plant fodder

    Posted on by shilpa

    Here’s a great idea to not have a stinky kitchen garbage – if you are a vegetarian. Ravel Casela has discovered a way to recycle kitchen waste into fodder for the kitchen plants. What you do is, once you are … Continue reading3

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    Timeless Garden for a plant and a clock

    Posted on by shilpa

    Now here’s a great idea that will help you have a real green spot in your home, no spare batteries to charge and keep a watch of time. The Timeless Garden is a brilliant concept by designers Francesco Castiglione Morelli … Continue reading3

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    Osmos recycles energy to nourish greens while cooking

    Posted on by deepa

    The need to conserve energy and water has been under prime focus in the recent past and in the present times too for an inhabitable future. It has become mandatory to inculcate conserving habits in every act of the day. … Continue reading3

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