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    Sky scraper of the future uses intelligent skin for power generation and rainwater collection

    Posted on by gavril

    Sky scrapers of the future will be nothing like those silly boxy structures we see in metropolitan cities around the globe today. Judging by this design, we sure expect some pretty futuristic structures in the future, which would probably scare … Continue reading3

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    Concealed Fibre Optics Cables will it Make Easier to Tap Solar Energy in Future

    Posted on by madhuri

    Much research is being conducted to make solar energy more commercially viable for sustainable future. In one research U.S scientists have created underground photovoltaic cells which are connected to fibre optics cable whose exposed ends can tap sunlight or any … Continue reading3

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    Onda Velocita is super luxurious plus eco-friendly

    Posted on by shilpa

    The Onda Velocita is a luxury powerboat concept which fuses the latest in high-tech systems and materials, with traditional design elements and craftmanship. The speciality of this luxury yacht concept is that the roof is interwoven with a series of … Continue reading3

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