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    Five reasons why you need a PC diagnostics software

    Posted on by admin

    Computers are complex machines with different hardware, software, and a multitude of other components and systems that work in harmony. However, just like all complex electronic devices, PCs can also malfunction, experience technical glitches and other issues.

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    President Obama’s Climate Action Plan may reduce power plant emissions by 32 pc

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    President Barrack Obama may have well initiated the nation’s most influential and powerful Climate Action Plan. Called the Clean Power Plan, this strategy will most likely enforce reductions of emissions from power plants by at least 32 percent in the … Continue reading3

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    PC Standby Power Saver saves on energy as well as bills

    Posted on by deepa

    Every geek and blogger can also be labeled as an irresponsible human in the eco world due to the criminal wastage of energy while their PC is on a standby mode. As most of us believe that by simply switching … Continue reading3

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